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SATURDAY 18th May 2013 



Leaders: Dorothy lyle, deirdre hardiman, declan doogue and david Nash

It was an overcast and cold day but despite the dismal forecast the anticipated rain did not arrive. Insect activity was low but a small range of species was found in the more sheltered area. Sweeping yielded the occasional Psyllobora 22-punctata 22-spot ladybird, the common mirids (capsids) Stenodema laevigata and Liocoris tripustulatus (a variable and colourful insect frequently found on nettles). The weevils are awaiting identification. St Mark’s Fly Bibio marci were thankfully quite inactive on the day!

The in situ identified hoverflies included Platycheirus albimanus and Helophilus pendulus. The Common Carder Bee Bombus pascuorum was occasionally seen nectaring on Vicia sepium.

A pile of decaying logs produced both flat and round millipedes and centipedes and slugs of the Arion complex, Limax maculatus and a Deroceras species. The New Zealand Flatworm Arthurdendyus  triangulatus which had been seen earlier in the week was not observed. The occasional micromoth and one larva of the colourful Yellowtail moth Hylesia metabus was observed on the underside of an alder leaf.

Plants seen included Vicia sepium Bush vetch, V. sativa Common Vetch, Scropularia nodosa Common Figwort, S. auriculata  Water Figwort and the ferns Dryopteris filix-mas Male Fern, D. dilatata  Broad Buckler-fern, D. affinis Golden-scaled Male Fern. In a couple of muddy saline pools (subject to occasional influxes of some sea water) Ranunculus sceleratus Celery-leaved buttercup and Glyceria declinata Small Sweet-grass were in evidence.

The unexpected find of the day was unfortunately a recently deceased Asio flammeus Short-eared Owl, an “amber” species in Ireland. It is surmised that this bird had taken poison.

Dorothy Lyle produced a number of specimens of shield bugs for members to view. Reports of the sightings of Shieldbugs from Dublin and farther afield are welcomed at

Weevil_Liophloeus_tesselatus DHardiman   New Zealand flatworm_Arthurdendyus triangulatus DHardiman   Leaf_beetle_eggs. DHardiman   DSCN5204_Liocoris_tripustulatus.jpg (582264 bytes)   DSCN5137_Stenodema_laevigata.DHardiman


DSCN5359b.jpg (733200 bytes)   DSCN5304b. Hoverfly laying egg. DHardiman   DSCN5305b.jpg  Hoverfly laying egg DHardiman   DSCN5309b.jpg Hoverfly DHardiman   DSCN5341b.jpg  Hoverfly DHardiman

DSCN5123b_Helophilus_pendulus.jpg (675473 bytes)   DSCN5340b.jpg  Hoverfly DHardiman   DSCN5363b.jpg Hoverfly DHardiman   DSCN5367b.jpg  Hoverfly DHardiman   DSCN5310b.jpg (133719 bytes)

DSCN5348b.jpg (538193 bytes)   DSCN5188b.jpg (466412 bytes)   DSCN0619c Common Carder-bee.jpg (467647 bytes)


Short-eared Owl_Asio flammeus   DSCN5437b.jpg (1263255 bytes)

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