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saturday 30  aUGUST 2014                  

turlough hill, Co wicklow

LEADER: Con Breen

Upland Flora
Con lead the group on a steep climb on the tarmac road, followed by a traverse over rough, wet ground. The terrain was broken rock  with small outcrops with suitable habitat for alpine and upland plants and successful searches were made for plants known to be in the vicinity. This area was briefly described reviewed by Frank Winder in his article Viewing points for alpine plants in Wicklow published in the Irish Naturalists' Journal in 2001: Volume 26 No 12 pages 478-479.

"Start from the Turlough Hill reservoir along the broad ridge that runs generally westwards towards Lough Firrib and pass just south of the head of a quarry. Immediately descend northwards off the ridge for about 100 yards. One comes to the start of a line of several very small crags (15-25 feet high) which runs westwards below the ridge for a few hundred yards, the most westerly being the biggest. All along the northern faces of these crags, a fair proportion of the cracks contain a pure growth of either Salix herbacea or Vaccinium vitis-idea. On many of the small ledges on the crags these two plants grow together, accompanied by the commoner highland plants Empetrum nigrum and Huperzia seiago, and the common Vaccinium myrtillus. It is unusual in Wicklow to find as rich a mixture of highland plants" 

These and some of the additional plants seen on the outing were photographed by Pat Lennon and are shown below.


Diphasiastrum alpinum                                       Turlough Hill                                                   Diphasiastrum alpinum


Huperzia selago                           Lycopodium clavatum                                            Lycopodium clavatum


Vaccinium myrtillus                        Vaccinium vitis-idaea                                  Empetrum nigrum


 Vaccinium vitis-idaea                                      Salix herbacea


Succisa pratensis         Ranunculus omiophyllus                     Epilobium brunnescens


Ophioglossum vulgatum                Aphanes australis                      Festuca vivipara


             Sedum anglicum                                     Callitriche stagnalis ss


DNFC members                                          Puffball fungus

  Photographs ©  P. Lenihan

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