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saturday 12 july 2014                                                                                        timahoe north Bog, Co kildare              

LEADER: charles shier & Katharine Duff

Bogland Ecology

Timahoe Bog lies to the north of Allenwood and east of Carbury. It was developed by Bord na Móna in the 1940s for the mechanised production of sod turf. Production ceased in the early 1990s, and the northern section of the bog has been left to recolonise naturally since that time.  


Stacked Turf                                           Bog Oak                                                                  Turf Cliff


Sphagnum capillifolium                                     Cladonia pyxidata, portentosa & floerkeana


Sphagnum. papillosum                                                      x2  Leucobryum glaucum


Carex demissa                      Linum catharticum


Angelica sylvestris                                 Betula hybrid


   Chamerion angustifolium                     Centaurium errythraea                                             Epilobium hirsutum


Hypericum pulchrum                                         Field Club                     Narthecium ossifragum


Rubus idaeus                             Leontodon hispidus                  Vaccinium oxycoccos



Small Skipper                                                  Common White Wave                              Small Skipper

    Photographs © P Lenihan

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