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Sunday 22 JUNE 2014                   


LEADERS: Niamh Lennon & Jennifer Ball


We met at James Joyce Martello Tower on a very hot and sunny day and set off for our first set of Rockpools,on the sheltered shore - just beyond the Curragh Subaqua meeting place (an old redbricked building on the way to Dun Laoghaire).These pools are very accesible and there are a number of them.

The usual molluscs were found - Periwinkles, Topshells, Limpets and Dog Whelks.
There were lots of tiny Barnacles on the rocks - these are crustaceans.
There were a good number of Red Beadlet Anemones and some Snakelocks Anemones.
The most exciting part of the  outing as always for the children was when they caught Crabs (all Shore Crabs of all sizes), Prawns and Seashore Shrimps. One Hermit Crab was also found and some tiny shrimps similar to the amphipods found in freshwater.

The next set of Rockpools were on the exposed shore - just beneath the James Joyce Tower.
We only visited one of these rockpools as four of the children were quite young. This pool was large and everyone was very happy to discover bigger crabs than previously found and lots of prawns which jumped when we tried to catch them.
 "Wow" and "Oh my god" were very common expressions heard during this outing!

Note: The photos below were not taken during the outing but are pictures of very similar creatures.

 Niamh Lennon

Actinia equina (Boulogne-sur-Mer).jpg   Snakelocks anemone.jpg   Calliactis and Dardanus 001.JPG

Red Beadlet Anemone                 Snakelocks Anemone                                  Hermit Crab

  Chthamalus stellatus.jpg   Gammarus roeselii.jpg   Carcinus maenas.jpg

Barnacles                                                 Shrimp                                     Shore Crab

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