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SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5th 2015                               PRAEGER CENTRE, NBGs

Moths and Moth Traps for Beginners
David Nash and others.
Bring moths for ID in suitable small containers (see note in introduction re care); and/or photographs; and/or a list of your findings this season. A laptop will be available. The Field Club owns a number of traps and members are encouraged to borrow/share one:
Hypericum Species Gerry Sharkey.
Eleocharis Species Declan Doogue.
Sorbus Species Alexis FitzGerald.
ecently Published Books



Genus Sorbus      Plant Crib         Whitebeams etc.     Difficult Plants

          Arbutus unedo           Hypericum androsaemum               H. hircinum             

Hypericum canadense  H. hirsutum      Picris hieracioides

Rhamnus cathartica  Isolepsis setacea  Hypericum hirsutum


                Sorbus hibernica                     S. aucuparia               Hypericum hirsutum     

Brimstone moth                               Buff-tip                           Burnished Brass

Clouded Border                     Common Carpet                    Heart & Dart


Fan-foot                                  Common Wainscot                             Drinker


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 Photographs: © P Lenihan