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saturday 5 july 2014                                                    praeger centre, nbgs              

LEADERS: declan doogue & con breen

An Introduction to the Identification of Sedges and Rushes 

Con, one of Irelandís Carex experts, accompanied by Declan led the morning session.  A collection of fresh material and a number of interesting preserved specimens of some recently discovered hybrids were on view.  

The afternoon session looked at rushes, the identification of which can be problematical due to the incidence of hybridization within the genus Juncus.  The participants brought a considerable range of rushes for determination of the identity of the species.


  BSBI Handbooks                                               Some Sedges


Collins                          Sell & Murrell                       Francis Rose


Carex muricata


Carex demissa                                      Carex serotina                      Carex lepidocarpa

    Photographs © P Lenihan

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