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PRAEGER CENTRE, national botanic gardens,  6 DECEMBER 2014


An Introduction to the Identification of Willows and Poplars (morning). Preparation and Examination of Herbarium Specimens (afternoon)
he morning session provided an introduction to the recognition of Salix and Populus species. Trees and shrubs of these genera are widespread in Ireland.  They include natives, escaped ornamentals and some utilitarian species formerly planted for basketry, as well as hybrids between these groups.  Some of these hybrids may have arisen spontaneously, or have survived from former cultivation. Pressed / dried specimens were used in the workshop.

In the afternoon, advice was given on the pressing, storage and presentation of herbarium specimens. Time did not permit the examination of all material provided by participants but it is hoped to provide further opportunities at a later date.


BSBI Handbook          Stace's Hybridization             The Black Poplar


    Salix viminalis                                               S. cinerea ssp. cinerea


                                                          S. purpurea                                                              


S. alba                                                                     S.pentandra                                                       S.triandra


S. aurita                              .                   S. caprea                                                      S. viminalis x S. caprea


    Populus alba                                                    P. x canescens                                                       P. x canadensis


Specimen Preparation I & II                                                                   Specimen Labelling    

new edition Docks and Knotweed Handbook

Photographs © P. Lenihan

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