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SATURDAY 10th OCTOBER 2015                                                          PORTMARNOCK

Intertidal Ecology

Leader: Laila Higgins.


Scientific/Common Names of Species Illustrated

Acanthocardia echinata

Spiny Cockle

Actinia equina

Red Beadlet Anemone

Aequipecten opercularis

Queen Scallop

Alcyonidium species


Angulus tenuis

Thin Tellin

Carcinus maenas

Common Green Shore Crab

Cerastoma edule

Common/Edible Cockle

Chthamalus montagui

Upper Shore Acorn-type Barnacle

Corallina officinalis

Red Coralline Algae

Crassostrea gigas

Pacific Oyster

Fucus vesiculosus

Bladder Wrack

Gibbula umbilicalis

Flat/Purple Topshell

Halichondria panicea

Breadcrumb Sponge

Lanice conchilega

Sand Mason Worm

Littorina littorea

Edible/Common Periwinkle

Littorina obtusata

Flat Periwinkle

Littorina saxatilis

Rough Periwinkle

Osilinus lineata

Common/Toothed Topshell

Nucella lapillus

Dog Whelk

Ostrea edulis

Common Oyster

Pagurus bernhardus

Common Green Hermit Crab

Pelvetia canaliculata

Channel Wrack

Sabella pavonina

Peacock Worm

Trivia arctica

Artic Cowrie




Actinia equina                         Field Club                                 Corallina officinalis


Halichondria panicea & C officinalis      Pelvetia canaliculata                      Fucus vesiculosus                   


 Coral fossil                                      Crinoid fossil                             Alcyonidium fossil


      Lanice conchilega                              Brachiopod fossil


            Acanthocardia echinata                  Aequipecten opercularis                 Cerastoma edule               


       Angulus tenuis                            Trivia arctica                         Gibbula umbilicalis  


L littorea (lf) & L obtusata (rt)                 Ostrea edulis                          Littorina saxatilis      


     Nucella lapellus                     Chthamalus montagui


      Carcinus maenas                   Pagurus bernhardus                Sabella pavonina


Photographs  P Lenihan

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