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SATURDAY 22nd NOVEMBER 2014                            JUNIOR MEMBERSí OUTING


Natural History Museum, Merrion Square
On Saturday 22nd November we met (16 Young Members with accompanying Adults) inside the front door the Natural History Museum (sometimes lovingly called the Dead Zoo). Having received samples of a number of Trails (from the Educational Department in the National Museum) that we could follow. Jennifer and I decided to do the Winter Trail. It deals with the strategies that some species of Animals adopt to survive the cold of the Winter. Almost every young member received a copy of the Trail.

We started on the ground floor - the Irish Room as it is called. Firstly we had to find the Squirrels and the Hedgehogs. I read out some information from the Trail Sheet and the children had to write answers to the questions given.The same process continued as we found the Garden Snails and the Frogs.

From here we headed upstairs and find the Reindeer,the Musk Ox, the Pintail Ducks, the Beavers and the Polar Bears.

The answers to the questions were all written on the back of the Trail Sheet and we looked at some of them. The final challenge was for each participant to draw a picture of his/her favourite Animal from the Trail. A great time was had by all!
Many thanks to the staff in the Natural History Museum who helped me when organising this event.

Niamh Lennon                             


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