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SunDAY 8 JUNE 2014                   

NORTH Bull Island, dollymount

LEADERS: bob aldwelL & frank smyth

Butterflies on the North Bull Island

In unpromising butterfly weather Bob Aldwell led a dozen DNFC members across the Bull Island to the Alder Marsh. Only a few glimpses of sun and a strong southerly wind force 6-7 ensured that the butterflies were hunkered down or hanging on gamely to swaying vegetation. Only a few actually were seen in flight. However careful searching on the ground yielded 35 Common Blue, 15 Marsh Fritillary and five Small Heath. Other sightings included many Six-spot Burnet larvae and a few pupal cocoons together with a Cinnabar moth. A group of Bee Orchids (Ophrys apifera) were just coming into bloom. Sky Larks and Meadow Pipits were to be seen and heard. The onset of heavy driving rain led to an early departure although most of the participants had come well equipped with rain gear.
Bob Aldwell


Marsh Fritillary                                                Common Blue

    Photographs © Niamh Lennon

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