Members Reports and Photos


SATURDAY 1st NOVEMBER 2014                  MEMBERS' DAY,  NATIONAL BOTANIC GARDDENS                                       

Presentations by DNFC Members in the Auditorium          
Charles Shier                “Mithridatum" (Presidential Address)

Laila Higgins                          Irish Starfish: Where To Find Them     

Pat Lenihan                            Some Upland Plants 


Titles included:

Plant Galls

Horse-chestnut Leaf Miner

Habitats of South Island, New Zealand

James Joyce and the DNFC

Robert Lloyd Patterson, An Irish Naturalist

Photographs of interest taken during the past year

Books Exhibits and Sales



Robert Lloyd Praeger             Joyce & DNFC                             Robert Lloyd Patterson


         Belfast Lough                                                            Birds, Fishes & Cetaceans


Common Spangle galls    Wasp-induced galls  Psyllid & Fly-induced galls


Equisetum trachyodon  Equisetum variegatum


Listrodromus nycthemerus parasitoid                         Large & Small White pupae                                                Large White larva             


     Mines on Horse-chestnut                          Horse-chestnut Leafminer micromoth


Ink recipe                                   Sloe Jelly                                                     Dock Bug              


              Stonefly                                                   Sun Starfish                                         Hieracium lortetiae

   Photographs © P Lenihan

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