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SunDAY 17 aUGUST 2014                  

ireland's eye

LEADERs: Declan doogue & Tom miniter

Flora and Ecology
The primary purpose of this visit was to record the flora of Irelandís Eye, and to search for a number of species noted by earlier workers but not seen recently. On a morning, with rather a stiff breeze approximatley twenty members set sail for the island at the appointed time. A small craft warning having been issued by Met Eireann, the boatman returned at 13.00 h to bring the party back to the mainland, giving us time to seen Henbane Hyoscyamus niger, a rare coastal plant at its only known site in Co Dublin. Other plants observed included Sand Couch Elytrigia juncea on sand dunes, Portland Spurge Euphorbia portlandica, Spear-leaved Orache Atriplex prostrata, Field Bindweed Convolvulus arvenis, Stinking Iris Iris foetidissima, Sea Mayweed Tripleurospermum maritimum, the Small Nettle Urtica urens growing in a 'disturbed' area enriched with urea from bird guano and the Mallow Malva neglecta. The available 'window' was adequate to give members a flavour of the island's plant life.

Back on the mainland the outing resumed after lunch with a viewing and discussion of the local geology at Balscadden - familiar to those who were on a previous outing to Howth lead by Professor Peter Coxon - and some of the local sea organisms that were visible in and around the rock pools. Some of the more obvious plants on the steep damp cliff slopes were Phragmites australis and Sonchus arvensis. Fennell Foeniculum vulgare grows on sandy deposits where the Martellos tower was built in the Napoleonic era.  The outing moved on towards Kilrock Quarry where recent heavy rain and some temporary drainage had resulted in considerable silt deposition.


Ireland's Eye


The Explorers


Hysocyamus niger                              Atriplex prostrata                                     Euphorbia portlandica


       Elytrigia juncea                       Iris foetidissima                            Malva neglecta

Phragmites australis     Rumex acetosa     Tripleurospermum maritimum     Foeniculum vulgare


Convolvulus arvensis                                 Urtica urens                                     Anagallis arvensis 


Green Shieldbug (nymph)                             Lion's Mane                                                    Cowrie Shell            

   Photographs ©  P. Lenihan

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